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Latest articles from NALTO

Physicians, How locum tenens physicians stay fit while traveling

By Karen Childress

As every physician knows, eating well and exercising are two key factors in preventing illness and disease and for maintaining optimal health. But as every locum tenens physician knows, making good food choices and finding time for regular workouts while on the road is no easy task. Here are practical tips for staying fit and healthy while traveling.
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Whitepaper: To provide or not to provide workers’ compensation?

By David Baldridge

Physician staffing can be a fickle business. In today’s fiercely competitive market where loyalty runs thin, staffing agencies will bend over backwards to attract and keep a physician in their locum tenens pool or a hospital as a client. So when a physician or client insists that you sweeten the pot by providing workers’ compensation, what’s a locum tenens agency to do? (read more)

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