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2020 NALTO Webinar Schedule

Christine Geiger – Partner, Senior Director of Training – Confirmed: February 12th from 11 am - 12 pm CT
Staying Top of Mind with Star Providers


How to create and cultivate an infallible system for provider outreach and retrieval. Christine Geiger draws upon her role as recruiting trainer and coach coupled with nearly two decades as a physician recruiter to establish best practices. Staying top of mind with highly sought-after providers requires intention, organization, and a well thought out recruiting touch plan. How do we balance being pleasantly persistent within our outreach while also being appropriately respectful? We’ll cover how to organize, track, “touch” and retrieve your providers in addition to strategies for staying front and center so they think of YOU when it’s time to move!

Greg Doersching – President, Coaching and Consulting –April 15th from 11 am – 12 pm CT
Interview Prep: The most overlooked conversation that impacts production


Getting candidates ready for an interview is so much more than who are you talking to, at what time, and where? You also can’t over coach them so that they are no longer genuine during the interview. This session will focus on how to properly prepare candidates for interviews – including what you as a recruiter need to be double-checking before the interview.

Rob Mosley – Managing Partner, Training and Development – June 17th, 11 am – 12 pm CT
Negotiating Tactics and Demands


“Easily won concessions are rarely valued and always result in additional demands. You can never concede your way into a healthy client/candidate relationship.” The Negotiation process takes place at every stage of client and candidate development. Not at just the contractual stage. The concepts of Selling - Relationship- Negotiation is all interchangeable. You cannot separate them in business.
This session will provide you with the skills to drive strong long-lasting profitable mutually rewarding, truly collaborative relationships, even during the challenge of negotiating price/rates and your services. It is about your ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Gain more confidence and competence at:

  • Preventing many tactics and demands by a better process. Tactics are intended to influence your perception of what is right and fair.
  • Recognizing the tools that are used at the competitive level known as tactics (the top 24).
  • Responding to tactics and demands in a way that neutralizes the tactic without neutralizing the client or candidate.
  • Countering client/candidate demands with your own appropriate counter demands and the rationale for doing so.
  • Seek Agreement: (aligning for common ground to move forward with the process).

Karen Schmidt – Managing Partner, Training and Development – August 12th, 11 am – 12 pm CT
Turning the Grind into the Goal


How excited do you think Pat Sajak is to ask contestants to buy a vowel after all these years?  Do you think Beyoncé is tired of singing Single Ladies yet?   Need a few more examples, maybe a sports one and then something else?

There are monotonous elements of every career, even if your career is that of a pop star, a game show host, ….   As recruiters, we are certainly not exempt from the monotony.  But what causes some to stay the course and develop a longstanding fulfilling career in search?  There is an element that most don’t think of - it’s the ability to handle the boredom of training every day and doing the same drills over and over again that separates the big billers from the burnouts. 

This session will address both short-term and long-term solutions for managing a slump, mitigating boredom, and developing a carefully balanced mix of deliberate action and patience.  If you are a recruiter within an office, our session will be packed with tactical takeaways that can get you out of your head and into your market.  If you are the owner of an office responsible for developing career capital within your team, we will discuss an organizational blueprint to address an underlying issue associated with burnout – and that is boredom.  As with a hamster on a wheel or a factory worker on a “placement making” conveyor belt, monotony sets in, and boredom soon follow; the only way to correct this long term is to create a challenge before it is too late.

Owners, managers, and recruiters are all invited to join us as we help turn the grind of daily recruiting into the goal of long-term success in search! 

Darren McDougal – Managing Partner, Marketing Communications – September 16th 11 am – 12 pm CT
Top Tips to Optimize your Brand Visibility

With so many options, how does your business stand out in the crowd? Learning and leveraging some key marketing tactics is crucial when marketing to healthcare professionals and providers. These same tactics will also help you sustain momentum as your company and offerings grow. From attracting healthcare professionals to your opportunities, to gaining visibility to build your network of providers, ensuring our brand visibility is key in positioning your firm as the go-to staffing firm in your market.

In this webinar, you’ll learn seven strategies to keep your brand front-and-center with your audiences. From local internet marketing to search engine optimization, to content marketing, we’ll share top tips and examples that can elevate your digital marketing, brand presence, and lead generation.

Greg Doersching – President, Coaching and Consulting – October 14th 11 am – 12 pm CT
The Psychology of Closing



“Did you close the provider?” “Did you close the client?” “Remember, you’ve got to always be closing.” “Don’t forget your ABC’s Always Be Closing.” Everyone talks about closing, but do you REALLY know how to close? Do you understand it’s a series of very specific conversations with both clients and providers at the right time that create a closing environment? 

Join Greg Doersching for a step by step guide to the conversations and checkpoints you need with both providers and clients to get them to say yes to an assignment.

Erin Bent – Partner, Senior Director of Training – Confirmed: November 18th, 11 am – 12 pm CT
Top Tips: Best of the Best from the Best Part 2

Where do I go for great tips to make me a better producer? This webinar! Erin Bent will focus on multiple tips and coaching concepts covering all areas of the placement process including, recruiting, marketing, process management, and deal driving as well as planning and time management. She will share 15 new tips from proven trainers and producers across all areas of industry. All suggestions will also help attendees of the session better understand how to navigate through Next Level Exchange! Get out your pens and get ready for a jammed packed session!