The ethical principles established by NALTO® for the physician locum tenens industry are designed to maximize the relationships between physicians, clients, and locum tenens companies through honesty, professionalism, and integrity. All NALTO® company members and the physicians they represent are held to the ethical standards outlined below. You can also download the full Code of Ethics to review in its entirety.

Relationships between locum tenens companies, clients, and physicians are based heavily on negotiated contractual agreements and professional business practices. A NALTO® company member will reasonably fulfill all agreements made with both clients and physicians and will also strive to preserve all confidences on information concerning business practices. Similarly, a NALTO® locum tenens company will strive to protect the integrity of their relationships with physicians by completely disclosing information relevant to the physician, requesting permission before distributing a CV, and striving to maintain strong relationships with a large network of clients.



NALTO® has also established an ethics committee to review all complaints and violations in order to preserve our high standards. This committee comprised of key representatives from long-standing NALTO® company members, is responsible for reviewing and acting upon any reported or suspected violations of the ethical code. NALTO® has established a thorough process of investigation and determination regarding all written complaints and inquiries. For complete details on grievance procedures, download the full Code of Ethics.

NALTO® strives to preserve high ethical standards within our profession. If you are a physician, client or company member and you believe a violation of the code of ethics has occurred, please download the NALTO® form and submit it via email.