Advantages of NALTO® Firms

NALTO® is an organization founded on very basic principles. We promote sound business practices in the vast and competitive locum tenens physician recruitment industry. NALTO® exists to ensure physicians and healthcare facilitiesincluding state and federal government healthcare facilities, are treated fairly. There are many benefits when working with a NALTO® firm.


All NALTO® company members must adhere to a written code of ethics that covers relationships between clients, physician providers, and other locum tenens firms. If you feel that a member company has acted in an unethical manner, you may file a formal complaint with the NALTO® ethics committee. A hearing will take place and, if it is determined that the Code has been violated, sanctions up to and including termination of membership may be involved.


NALTO® members are encouraged to follow the best practice guidelines that includes performance issues. When doing business with NALTO® associates, you are assured that the firm understands and applies the highest standards in the industry.


In addition, NALTO® provides an arbitration committee to settle disputes between member companies when monetary jurisdiction is involved. Although all NALTO® members agree to participate in the process, arbitration is not binding and parties may still seek a remedy through the legal system. However, if a dispute does end in a lawsuit, often the winner of the NALTO® arbitration enters the courtroom with an influential decision from its peers in the industry.

When choosing a locum tenens firm to represent you, NALTO® company members offer the highest standards in the industry. NALTO® company members are commited to both the physicians they place and the clients they represent. To begin working with a NALTO® firm, sign up as a physician or submit your job order today.