July 11, 2024

The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations® (NALTO®) proudly announces the eighth annual celebration of National Locum Tenens Week, a special event honoring the invaluable contributions of temporary physicians and advanced practice providers. This year’s event will take place August 12-16, 2024.

“Locum tenens practitioners continue to be the unsung heroes of our healthcare system, offering their expertise and compassion wherever it is needed most,” said Jarin Dana, NALTO® President and Chief Financial Officer at Fusion Healthcare Staffing. “Their dedication ensures that patients receive quality care, even in the most underserved areas, profoundly impacting communities nationwide.”

With over 52,000 physicians participating in locum tenens assignments annually, these professionals provide essential healthcare services to approximately 7.5 million Americans. Their work not only fills gaps in care but also supports the continuity of healthcare delivery in diverse and often challenging environments.

“Our member companies are dedicated to facilitating the placement of these talented providers, ensuring they are where they are needed most,” Dana continued. “We join in celebrating their hard work and commitment during this special week.”

As in previous years, the locum tenens community remains focused on supporting ongoing legislative efforts to address the nation’s physician shortage. The Healthcare Provider Shortage Minimization Act of 2023, currently under consideration in Congress, aims to expand the number of Medicare-supported medical residency positions by 14,000 over the next seven years. This bipartisan legislation seeks to enhance healthcare access, particularly in rural areas that face significant shortages of medical professionals.

“As we mark National Locum Tenens Week, we recognize the critical role of locum tenens providers in ensuring healthcare access, especially in rural and underserved communities,” said NALTO® President-elect Liz Hale, Chief Executive Officer at MPLT Healthcare, LLC.

“Their impeccable commitment to patient care is instrumental in addressing healthcare disparities and improving outcomes. We express our deepest gratitude for their dedication and service.”

Download the Marketing Toolkit

Each year, NALTO® provides a marketing toolkit filled with resources to help staffing firm members show their support for the healthcare providers they place in locum tenens assignments. The 2024 National Locum Tenens Week Marketing Toolkit includes the following assets:

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About National Locum Tenens Week

National Locum Tenens Week is observed annually during the second full week of August. Organized by NALTO®, this week serves as a platform to acknowledge the contributions of locum tenens physicians and advanced practice providers and the vital role played by staffing agencies in the American healthcare industry.

About NALTO®

The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations® (NALTO®) is the only professional association of temporary physician staffing firms committed to a code of ethics and maintaining the highest industry standards.

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