When choosing a staffing company, physicians and clients should look for similar qualities. NALTO®’s company members represent a vast majority of the industry’s revenue, and our priority is to maintain high standards of service throughout the industry. You have the right to expect quality service from your locum tenens recruitment representatives. To help you evaluate different firms and choose one that you feel will best represent you, here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Does the company belong to NALTO®? All members are held to an ethical code so you can be sure they’ll follow the highest standards of service.
  2. Does the company provide malpractice insurance for the physicians they place? Are they concerned with whether the client has coverage?
  3. What is the company’s payroll history? Do they have the financial resources to pay their physicians regularly?
  4. Is your recruitment representative accessible and available to answer your questions and help you through the locum tenens process?
  5. Does the company offer services to ensure that all details are taken care of when the physician arrives to work (ie, licensure, credentialing, hospital privileges, proper travel and housing arrangements)?

Any firm you choose should place a high priority on quality service. You have the right to a professional, knowledgeable staff, a large pool of qualified physicians for clients to choose from, and a broad variety of assignments for participating doctors.

To begin working with a NALTO® company membersign up to work with a NALTO® firm or submit your job order and let one of our locum tenens company representatives contact you today.