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Company Name E-mail Phone
AB Staffing Solutions, Inc [email protected] 888-515-3900 x200
Adelphi Medical Staffing [email protected] 678-365-1101
AIMS Locum Tenens [email protected] 410-363-1051
All Medical Personnel [email protected] 954-922-9696
All Star Healthcare Solutions® [email protected] 800-928-0229
Alina TeleHealth [email protected]
Alliance Recruiting Resources, Inc [email protected] 800-759-8203
Alumni Healthcare Staffing [email protected] 908-842-8235
Astrya Global [email protected] 888-808-3138
Austin Major Group, LLC [email protected] 214-396-6030
Aya Healthcare [email protected] 619-530-3716
Burlington Healthcare Providers [email protected] 800-514-4580
CompHealth [email protected] 800-453-3030
Concorde Staff Source [email protected] 800-334-6407
Consilium Staffing [email protected] 877-536-4696
CoreMedical Group dba
of Circharo Acquisition Corp
[email protected] 603-893-4515
Cross Country Locums [email protected]
CT Assist Locum Tenens LLC [email protected] 304-844-2631
Curative [email protected] 214-932-1411
D&Y [email protected] 800-955-1919
Daily Care Solutions [email protected] 920-224-5550
Delta Locum Tenens [email protected] 877-456-2867
Docs Who Care [email protected] 913-397-7800
DR LLC [email protected] 404-994-3010
Easter Medical Staffing [email protected] 866-403-9433
Elevate Healthcare Consultants [email protected] 972-954-6903
Eskridge & Associates [email protected] 512-244-7023
Floyd Lee Locums [email protected] 843-970-2172
Fusion Healthcare Staffing [email protected] 385-474-2858
Global Medical Staffing [email protected] 800-760-3174
Goldfish Locum Tenens [email protected] 877-413-0763
Hayes Locums [email protected] 888-837-3172
HDA MD Staff [email protected] 770-772-4558
Honor Medical Staffing [email protected] 248-357-1426 x117
Icon Medical Network [email protected] (888) 777-5973
IMP Locum Tenens, LLC [email protected] 716-689-6000
Independence Anesthesia Services [email protected] 706-425-8545
Integrity Locums, LLC [email protected] 800-479-5028
Interim Physicians, LLC [email protected] 800-381-7660
Jackson & Coker, Inc. [email protected]
KPG Healthcare [email protected] 310-374-7178
KPS Locums [email protected] 877-909-9930
Lifeline Recruiting [email protected] 310-210-9605
Locum Connections [email protected] 678-441-8551
Locum Life LTD [email protected] 855-562-8654
Locum Physicians, LLC [email protected] 678-324-0264
LocumMD,LLC [email protected] 833-562-8663
Locums Choice [email protected] 770-633-1757 [email protected] 678-690-7910
Lotus Medical Staffing, LLC [email protected] 855-270-4960
Maxim Physician Resources [email protected] 214-741-0700
MD Staff Pointe [email protected] 985-871-4010
MDstaffers [email protected] 866-90-STAFF 
MedCare Staffing, Inc. [email protected] 770-904-5012
Med-Link Staffing, Inc [email protected] 877-977-3444
Medical Search International [email protected] 973-301-2100
Medicus Healthcare Solutions, LLC [email protected] 603-816-9033
Medifield Staffing Inc. [email protected] 800-975-8380
MPLT Healthcare [email protected] 954-282-6074
Medstaff National Medical Staffing [email protected] 800-476-3275
Mint Physician Staffing [email protected] 866-312-1177
National Medical Resources, Inc. [email protected] 701-221-9997
NEED Physicians LLC [email protected] 781-721-0524
Next Medical Staffing [email protected] 877-480-6398
Onyx M.D. Locum Tenens Staffing [email protected] 877-466-9963
Pacific Companies [email protected] 800-741-7629
PhysiciansPRN [email protected] 888-715-4420
Physician Resources, Inc. [email protected] 713-522-5355
Pinnacle Locum Tenens, LLC [email protected] 404-591-4240
Premier Physician Services, LLC [email protected] 800-439-7012
Provide Locum Tenens [email protected] 214-396-1111
Quest Healthcare Solutions [email protected] 404-645-7606
Radar Healthcare Providers [email protected] 706-521-0441
Revolution Healthcare Services [email protected] 770-415-6286
Smart Physician Recruiting [email protected] 800-913-0870 x1
SUMO Medical Staffing [email protected] 801-251-0502
Synergy Physicians, Corp. [email protected] 916-891-3001
The Execu-Search Group [email protected] 954-556-2780
The Locums Company, LLC [email protected] 828-439-9901
U.S. Locums, LLC [email protected] 941-259-8080
Velosource [email protected] (844) 800-9148
VISTA Staffing Solutions [email protected] 800-366-1884
Vitruvian Medical [email protected] 866-957-4600
Wapiti Medical Staffing [email protected] 605-432-6621
Weatherby Healthcare [email protected] 954-343-3050
Western Healthcare, LLC [email protected] 800-971-4131
WPA Emergency Medicine Staffing, LLC [email protected] 888-461-0860